Pergolas + Gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos can be designed and built to provide an entertaining area that is cool in summer and catches the warming sun in winter. A great improvement that will enhance your lifestyle and add value to your investment.


There are many different styles of pergola, but they all add character to your home’s yard or deck.

  • Pergolas + Timber Decking: Adding a pergola to an existing timber deck will improve the life of your deck as it will shield it from weather related damage such as rainwater that affects the integrity of timber decking boards or harsh sunlight fading your deck’s colour.
  • Pergolas + Concrete Slabs: Concrete slabs are hard wearing surfaces but having a roof over the pergola slab will allow you to entertain guests throughout the hot summer months whilst cool and shaded from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Pergolas + Ceilings: Ceilings are optional when designing your pergola, but the advantage to having a ceiling is having space for overhead lighting, having no bugs and a  smoother finish.


Gazebos are perfect for enhancing your garden and providing you with a comfortable space to enjoy your garden without being exposed to harsh sunlight and wind.

  • Gazebos and Pools: Gazebos that are situated within your pool area are very popular, especially in the summer months when family and friends are using the pool facilities the most. Having your gazebo built near your pool is a fabulous way to enhance your pool experience as it is the perfect place to put a barbeque, a bar fridge and other amenities you wish to have easily accessible and protected from the elements.


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